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In practical terms, the Warren Family Institute is  a clearing house for resources that will strengthen and uplift the families of Warren County.  This is achieved by identifying local, regional, and statewide  

organizations that can assist us in responding to the social and economic needs of Warren County residents. Chief among WFI tasks is providing families with a network of resources.  These resources include parenting skill training, youth mentoring and tutorial, and recreational opportunities for children.

WFI focuses on creating solutions for families. Warren Family Institute targets the collective and individual needs of each family member. We attempt to address the special concerns of all age groups. We assist them with skill building workshops and classes, safe recreational options,  economic development opportunities and  referral assistance.


WFI Focuses on Solutions

The most important product that we offer and are dedicated to sharing, is that of hope.  The Warren Family Institute was

primarily established to respond to the need of families and individuals to have a better life.  A life in a community where their hopes and aspirations could be realized and a child's dreams of a brighter future fulfilled.

Warren Family Institute delivers an assortment of services to our community

Warren Family Institute

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WFI functions as a safety net for families

The Warren Family Institute functions as a safety net for families. There may come a time when  your plans for your life or a family member unravels: when all of your dreams for building a successful family life collapses due to circumstances beyond your control. You may be experiencing a financial shortfall that may be threatening the stability of your household. Should any of these circumstances describe what you are experiencing, call WFI, we may be able to help.  We can bring our resources together with other local and state organizations to help you create stability in your life again.      

No two families are alike. Each one struggles with a different challenge. What unites each family in common cause is their desire

to have a better life.  Warren Family Institute consults one on one with each client to identify their needs and the services that are required to stabilize each individual family member. We then partner with various organizations to bring the required resources together to help our client.

When you find yourself  managing a family with dwindling  resources, call Warren Family Institute. We will help you find solutions.  WFI  will show you how to build on your strengths and help you find answers to difficult family  issues.

We will assist you in identifying additional resources. WFI’s has an economic development component that helps families train in the essential budgeting skills required to maintain a financially stable household.  In addition we will coordinate with other local organizations to help you resolve problems of housing, parenting and basic health care.

The services that Warren Family Institute Inc. provides to the Warren County Community are extensive.

Donate Now. Please Donate

 These services are however, costly. The Warren Family Institute needs your support to sustain our efforts at improving the quality of life for families like yours.  Please take a moment to donate to our Institute.

 All donations are tax deductible.  

Located in Warren County, North Carolina.  We were founded in 1994 by local community residents who saw  a need to bring fundamental resources to an under served population  We are dedicated to the social and economic development and empowerment of families and individuals in our service area.

Each Family Has a Different Challenge
WFI Can Help You Find Solutions
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